Pats vs. Wheats Live Blog

Referees: Cole Hamm, Chad Williams
Linesmen: Keith Salamon, Ryan Lundquist

13 Bertaggia 25 Ciarelli 26 Conroy
6 Nikkel 9 Hunter
33 Liston

29 Hunt 20 Ouellette 28 Rieder
36 Zimbaluk 2 Underwood
30 Hewitt

01:32 PEN BRN 21 Seaman (kneeing)
06:20 PEN REG 40 Volek (charging)
07:22 PEN REG 4 Burroughs (high sticking)
07:32 PEN BRN 13 Bertaggia (roughing)
16:56 GOAL REG 26 Stevenson (40 Volek, 18 Klimchuk) 1-0 PATS
19:33 GOAL REG 18 Klimchuk (40 Volek) 2-0 PATS

Shots: BRN 6, REG 7
Goals: BRN 0, REG 2

First period quick thoughts:
-Lots of hitting in this one tonight. Brandon having advantage in the physical aspect for most of the period but the Pats are holding their own.

-The officials pretty much kept their whistles in their pockets and deservedly so. Not much need for penalty calls. Pretty clean game so far as far as the "extra curricular" stuff goes.

-Dyson Stevenson needs to play. The kid can snipe.... "bar down" on his first period goal.

-Liston looks a bit shaky in the first especially on his gift goal by Klimchuk.

-The announcer (I don't know it is) is terrible..... sorry. It's a hockey game not a funeral.
on September 14, 2011 by Kevin Shaw |