White/Blue Scrimmage

Last one of camp. Time to shine.

Goalies: Hewitt for Blue and 33 (Oswald) White.

13:45 19 Blue scores on a rebound from a shot from 5 Blue. 1-0 Blue takes the lead.

1-0 Blue at the end of the first.

10:00 44 Blue scores from the point to give Blue the 2-0 lead.

Goalie change after the goal. Churchill in for White and #50 (Toth) for Blue.

13:00 Klimchuk scores a beauty beating the defender and putting a nice move on Churchill beating him with a backhand move. 3-0 Blue.

14:06 Martell gets White on the board. The Blue goalie can't handle the rebound and the puck is sitting on the goal line where Martell is able to put away the garbage. 3-1 Blue.

16:40 19 Blue snipes top cheddar to give Blue a 3 goal lead. 4-1 Blue.

The second period ends 4-1 with Blue leading.

11:15 #20 White scored a five hole goal cutting Blue's lead to two. 4-2 Blue.

12:32 #7 White takes the shot from the point. The puck changes direction a couple of times and finds the back of the net. Not sure what or who it went off. 4-3 Blue.

13:45 #5 Blue breaks in wide and fires a shot that beats the tender five hole restoring Blue's 2 goal lead.

5-3 Final for Blue.

on August 27, 2011 by Kevin Shaw |