Team Red/Grey Scrimmage

This is scrimmage #11 of camp and I haven't been disappointed at all. the more I watch the more excited I get about the season and the future. Some of these kids the Pats have are going to be stars... mark my words.

Goalies: Beukeboom for Red and 40 for Grey.

3:29 Grey takes a checking from behind penalty. Stevenson is cranked from behind but got up and skaetd off on his own. Red to the PP.

36 Grey and 25 Red both get taken off with offsetting minors(?). It's hard to tell with not putting players in the box.

18 Grey pots tonight's first goal on a conversion of a loose puck in front of the Red goal. 1-0 Grey.

16:20 20 Red gets a high sticking call. Grey to the PP.

17:00 Grey Goalie 40 gets a high stick. Even up.

Red 25 has some issues with Grey 36.... maybe something will happen.

1-0 Grey after the first period.

Burgardt is now in goal for Grey and Beukeboom stays in for Red.

6:10 36 Grey gets called for holding. Red to the PP.

Gora in for Beukeboom (9 minutes in).

12 minutes in 44 Grey (Taylor Clark) scored from the point to give Grey a two goal lead. 2-0 Grey.

13:45 Volek snipes top cheddar on a feed from behind the net by Red 24. A very nice goal. 2-1 Grey.

17:18 Grey gets a minor penalty (tripping?). Red to the PP.

The second ends 2-1 Grey.

Ketlo in for Grey and Gora stays in for Red.

1:40 Grey gets a minor penalty. Red to the PP.

2:45 Red 24 deposits a PP goal under Ketlo's wickets. 2-2.

3:15 Grey 22 scores as I was typing. 3-2 Grey.

3:50 Grey gets another minor. Red to the PP.

5:30 Blidstrand takes it upon himself to steal the puck in deep and out wait Ketlo and bury the backhand as Ketlo was down and out. 3-3.

14:45 Stevenson converts with a nice backhand on a two on one from on a pass from #24 Red. Red 4-3.

Red minor penalty at the 16 minute mark sending Grey to the PP.

Red wins 4-3.
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