Team Blue/Grey Scrimmage

Starters: Hewitt for Blue, Burgardt for Grey.

3:30 in #18 Blue (Klimchuk) goes five hole and beats the goalie through the wickets. 1-0 Blue.

4:00 Blue takes a penalty. Grey to the PP. No scoring on the PP:

13:45 Blue #26 converts on a pass from #11 who did some hard fore-checking beating Burgardt (who looked to be really deep in his net) upstairs. 2-0 Blue.

18:00 Blue scored. Missed the scorer. I was watching Mitchell and a Grey defender push and beak with each other. 3-0 Blue.

19:00 Blue #26 scored to make it 4-0 Blue.

First ends 4-0 Blue.

Ketlo starts the 2nd in net for Grey, Hewitt stays in goal for Blue.

4:16 Mitchell outraces the Grey defender and steals the puck and goes in all alone and puts a pretty backhand past Ketlo. 5-0 Blue.

5:14 Blue #20 scores in close as I was typing my last sentence. I saw the scorer just not the goal. 6-0 Blue.

9:20 Sagen (Grey) is called for boarding. Blue to the PP.

10 minute mark of the period Hewitt is out. #50 is in for Blue.

The second period ends and Blue is still in a 6-0 lead.

#40 enters the game for Grey and #50 stays in net for Blue.

9:20 Mitchell cranks Grey #36 from behind and receives a penalty. Grey to the PP.

16:00 Blue is called for too many men. Grey to the PP again.

Blue pitches a shutout and wins 6-0.
on August 26, 2011 by Kevin Shaw |