Thursday, August 25, 2011

Red/Grey Scrimmage 1

I guess I'm better off just watching the game and not trying to pick out all the rookies. I immediately noticed Klimchuk and Burroughs.

They are playing 20 minute straight time periods.

It's seven minutes in and there hasn't been a goal scored but both teams have had an opportunity or 2 but nothing too outstanding.

23 scores a soft goal for Red that bounces past Grey goalie #43 making the score 1-0 with about 8:30 left in the first.

Kilmchuk (18 Red) makes the score 2-0 with just over 3 minutes left in the first. Beauty rush by Klimchuk, 20 and 21 on a 3 on 2 and Klimchuk beats the goalie clean.

Nearing the end of the first team Red looked as thought they are taking the game over and Grey is looking disorganized in their own end.

19 red converts a rebound making the score 3-0 with just over 15 seconds left in the first. 36 with the initial shot and the Grey defender missed the loose puck and 19 deposited it for the 3-0 goal.

On to the 2nd period.

18 grey gets the first penalty a trip. Nice work on the PP by red but no goals.

Red 47 leaves the game with a 3-0 lead. Enter Red 50.

32 Red gets a hooking penalty with just over 6 minutes left in two. Grey to the PP.

Second period ends like it started with a 3-0 Red lead.

18 Grey gets called for hooking sending Red to the PP. With just over 12 minutes left.

Just as the penalty ended Grey 24 broke in 2 on 2 and was able to snipe glove side getting Grey on the board... Trailing 3-1.

25 Red deposits a late goal (with about 10 seconds left) on a mad scramble with Grey's goalie prone. Makes the score 4-1.

Final score 4-1.