I had planned on an update earlier....

....but life got in the way a bit.

A few thoughts (Rookie Camp):
  • I took in much of the Saturday session of the Pats spring camp and I must say I was really impressed with the overall skill level of most of the kids that were there.
  • I would have to say that Klimchuk and Burroughs were the best of the bunch and seemed to really battle each other on a few one-on-one drills and I don't think I can give either one of them the upper hand.
  • It's so hard to evaluate these guys as I don't know when the last time they played competitively or when the last time they skated was and all that kind of stuff.... I'll wait to see them at main camp in August (September) to really see what they are made of.
  • I was hoping to see Brooks, Schioler and Churchill as they all sound like they will be impressive prospects.
  • Seeing that we don't have any assistant coaches..... I was really curious to see who was around to help Curtis out. I had expected a couple of Pats alumni and I was right. Jamie Heward and Garth Murray were there helping out.
  • Here's an article that was posted on the Regina Pats website by Greg Harder of the Leader-Post: http://reginapats.com/article/prospects-eager-to-shine
  • Congrats to the Pats on their award from the Canadian Cancer Society! I've been impressed with the amount of time and effort that the Pats staff put into the "Breast Cancer Awareness Nights". In case you missed it here is the article: http://reginapats.com/article/national-award-for-regina-pats
  • Brandon Davidson seems to be fitting in really well in the Pros. That story can be found here: http://okcbarons.com/index.cfm?fa=thepipeline&ra=showarticle&guid=6952bf13-7733-4458-aec8-2c0ae74c9db3
  • Good Luck to Mark Schneider who has committed to the U of R Cougars! Hopefully it doesn't get as cold for you as it was here last year.... I'm sorry but I had to add that.
  • Is there going to be an announcement regarding Todd Ripplinger any time soon? I understand that his contract has expired.... I'm still seeing his name on the Pats website and there hasn't been any mention anywhere about his status with the club. I'm guessing that it goes ditto for Greg Mayer as I heard that his contract was up as well.
  • I don't know if this is true or not.... I haven't seen any verification about it but I hear that Leigh Fitzpatrick is no longer with the Pats. It's my understanding that his wife and him have moved back out east. If it is true.... Good luck Leigh!
That's about it for now.... Take care out there.

Edit: Chuck.... you know who you are.... shoot me an email. Thanks.
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