I found a couple of links....

that might be of some interest to people looking for info about some of the bantam picks.....

A blog about Nathan Churchill's past couple of seasons put together by Randy Churchill (a parent perhaps).... the link is: http://nathanchurchill.blogspot.com/

One thing I must say is I think Nathan has more facial hair than lots of guys my age.
Adam Brooks Winnipeg Hawks Midget AAA profile can be found by clicking here: http://www.winnipegaaa.com/profile.aspx?playerid=72
A hockey scout Dan Sallows (or so his website says) I've never heard of him but found his website today and I give him credit.... it is well put together. He has a profile about Kenny Nordstrom n his site; I'm not sure when it was posted but it was this season. You can find that here: http://dansallows.com/player-profile-kenny-nordstrom/
Dane Schioler's Winnipeg Hawks Midget AAA profile can be found here: http://www.winnipegaaa.com/profile.aspx?playerid=63
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