Questions.... Answers.... Some Post 2010/11 Contemplation

I’ve been contemplating the 2010/11 season over the last few weeks and I have found that I have as many questions as I do answers; if not more.

Some of the biggest question marks for the season (and I would have to say the previous season as well) were: What is wrong with the goaltending? I know I have thought about that a lot myself and I do have questions about it but have come to a couple of conclusions. I will get to that later. What the heck happened to the defence? Isn’t Curtis Hunt a defensive coach? Man this is going to take me more than a post or 3 or 4 to cover all of my questions (with some answers and some left open). Are the Pats really that thin (talent-wise) to not have any scoring other than Weal? Why does Hunt always switch up the pieces of the lines? Isn’t consistency a factor? Does Chad Lang have full control of the team? Why did the Pats quit wearing the beige vintage sweaters later in the season? I’m sure I will have more questions as I go along and I will include them.

I will bring up more thoughts and questions as I think on them but this will be a process and I won’t have it done any time soon. I have all summer to contemplate for the season and look forward to an improved Pats team in 2011/12.

I was thinking about writing a summary about the positions.... I might just add something by position and then do a quick write-up for each player as I saw during the season. This will come as I have time.

I do appreciate comments and emails so please if you don’t agree with something please feel free to write. Or if you have your own opinion on things please feel free to share.

More thoughts tomorrow.... maybe I’ll be a little more organized.