I have changed my mind....

After reading some other blogs and stories I've decided to do some write ups for the 2010/11 season. I don't know how in depth I will go but I will do something on each player.... I saw someone post player grades and I'm not comfortable giving players a grade after the last few seasons the grades just wouldn't be fair.

I'm going to do some thinking while watching the NHL game sevens and get back to the Pats.

The off season is killing me. Always waaaaaaaay toooooooo looooooonnnnng and its really getting old. I'm not one to jump ship and not renew my tickets or despise the owners or anything like that. I can honestly I'm a Pats fan no matter how they do.... win or lose..... or who they are owned by. I've been going to the games my whole life and no matter what people say I'm not planning on changing things up any time soon. End of my mini rant.
Back to OT in Boston.