Coaching thoughts and stuff

Well I guess that I didn't get back online last night as I watched the end of the NHL game sevens and then crashed for the night. I did do some thinking about the last year and some of the players and I do have some things that I will write about over the next couple of days as I'm not totally sure how I want to go about it bit will come up with something.

What really got me thinking about this season was the "firing" of Shaun Sutter and Ryan Cyr.... I am fully aware of their contract status' and the fact that their contracts were done in June. I really don't get the move. I understand that change is/was needed but the timing of it smells a bit fishy to me. I can understand that the Pats are in a "total" rebuild (I remember hearing this a few times last year) but in a rebuild year wouldn't it make sense that the brooms were out to clean right from the top down? Chad came in and has done some massive changes and from what I've seen I like most of the deals and I think the team is going in the right direction. That brings me back to the clean sweep idea.... If the assistant coaches aren't 'good enough' and they get removed why does the head coach not get removed as well.... This is in no means a knock to Curtis, I do believe he is a good man but seemed to be at his wits end this past year. I know Curtis is under contract for one more year but if you are looking to build fresh I think it should be an 'all or nothing' approach. I've been a Pats fan as long as I remember and a season ticket holder longer than that and it would be nice to know what is going on with the hockey operations aspect of the team. Many fans are wanting to know what is going on with regards to the coaching and scouting for the Pats.... I honestly don't know the whole dynamic of the hockey operations, as in who is buds with who.... All I have with this regard is what I've heard from people around the rink and reading numerous comments on blogs and some blogs themselves. So I'm going to leave that one.

I just re-read what I just typed and I kind of rambled on.... But hey I have mixed emotions on this topic..... One part of me wants to see Curtis stay and get a shot at turning this ship around but with a short leash to start the season..... Another part of me is still wondering why Dale Derkatch was given the boot so quickly and Curtis was brought back..... Another part of me feels almost sorry for Curtis with some of the player personnel decisions that were made or not made over the previous seasons. The chance to actually bring some kids up in his system were almost all but eliminated over the past few seasons. Would the kids have developed? We will never know. I see lots of them developing on other WHL teams.... And another part of me wants to see some new blood at head coach, assistants and goalie coach. I dunno but thats what I've been thinking.

I think that the Pats are in desperate need of a culture change..... We need someone with a winning track record in the organization..... Whether its as head coach or what but a culture change is needed. Too much of the mediocrity..... I would love to see this team win and make the playoffs and maybe win a couple of rounds and get the franchise back to being one of the elite teams in the WHL.

Sorry for rambling.... Player thoughts to come.