Live blog: Pats v. Wheat Kings

Lines are looking something like this (at least for the warm-up):




More in a bit.... I'll be tweeting and posting so I'm not sure how fast these updates will be coming.

Vetter and Hamm are the referees.... Lawrence and Fox on the lines.

On to the game....

....6:48 in and the shots are 5-0 for the Pats. Still no score.

....8:15 Pats score. Weal from Scheidl and Mitchell. 1-0 Pats on a nice tap-in by the Pats sniper.

....8:36 Brandon gets their first shot on goal of the game.

....9:44 fisticuffs! Stevenson vs. Hunter..... Good tilt.... lots of good shots landed I would give Stevenson the edge as he was able to get Hunter's helmet off and land a couple of late blows in and got the takedown.

....13432 Mitchell takes an interference minor giving the Wheat Kings the first powerplay of the game.

....13:49 Glennie ties it on the PP on a goal by Glennie assisted by McKay. 1-1.

....17:37 Scheidl scores as he stuffs it past Boes in the Wheat Kings net. Mitchell and Bell get the helpers. 2-1 Pats.

....2-1 end of the first. 13-8 Pats with the shot advantage.