Pup Line thoughts

I got chatting with Ken Stromberg (Pats penalty box attendant, scorekeeper, timekeeper, etc.) via BlackBerry Messenger the night Mike Sillinger had his number retired. Here are his thoughts about the Pup Line as viewed from the sin bin:

On Mike Sillinger:
Mike Sillinger was incredibly skilled---most of the 3 on the Pup Line. He was also the most intense. Whenever he received a penalty, you usually didn't try to make conversation. You also tried to stay dry. The water bottles would usually get emptied all over the penalty box.

On Frank Kovacs:
Frank Kovacs was the Bull of the Pup Line. Very strong young man, even as a 16 year old. Always worked hard along the wall, in front of the net and in open ice. His raw talents improved through his 5 yrs with the Pats, to the point that he scored pretty goals in his 4th & 5th yrs. He was also a very fierce fighter when he fought. He didn't fight often, but when he did he usually Lawn Mowered the other guy. He was the best Captain the Pats ever had---him and Rick Rypien. He was a super nice kid back then and to this day will still come up to me and have a nice conversation. He is most certainly best suited where he is right now---the Regina Police Service. I LOVE Frankie Kovacs. He is likely my most favourite Regina Pat of all time.

On Jamie Heward:
Jamie Heward was also quite skilled. Just not to the extent as Mike was. One thing about him was his HAMMER of a shot. He verpowered goalies with his shot, especially on the PP. Doug Sauter moved him to defense and he proved to excel at that position. He scored a lot of goals with the HAMMER from the point. He wasn't nearly as intense and could be conversed with in the Pen Box.

Thanks for your thoughts Ken! I told you I would get them up.
on February 11, 2011 by Kevin Shaw |