Pats vs. Raiders: Live Blog 3rd Period

....On deck.

....1:41 Mitchell and Ruopp get off setting roughing minors. Time for some 4 on 4 play.

....2:21 Raiders get another bench minor for too many men. Pats get a 4 on 3 pp for 1:20.

....3:14 Deck gets a tripping minor giving the Pats an extended pp.

....7:32 Maylan takes a goalie interference penalty giving the Pats another pp.

....7:50 Weal negates the pp with a bad tripping call ending the Pats pp after 18 seconds.

....11:44 Hewitt gets a delay of game minor.... Interesting call to say the least. PP for the Raiders.

....17:57 Raiders make it a one goal game at 5-4. Parker with the goal Revenko and Wells pick up the assists. Bad goal by Hewitt kinda.... Parker outwaited him and Hewitt pulled away from the post and snuck it by him.

....Pats are not playing to win.... they are playing to not lose. They need to step up.

....Empty net for PA with just over a minute left.

....Pats hold on to win 5-4.

....Final shots 40-38 Raiders.

on February 05, 2011 by Kevin Shaw |