Live Blog: Pats & Hitmen Third Period

....On deck in 18 minutes.

....0:40 Fisticuffs Bell vs. Rissling. Not much of a scrap but I would give Bell the decision as he appeared to get the upperhand and got more blows in (especially early). Rissling is bleeding from the mouth/nose.

....12:28 The Hitmen tie the contest at 1 on a goal from Trzonkowski assisted by Lawrence and Santini.1-1.

....Pats are playing like they don't want to lose but don't want to win. They are very lax and it's not pretty.

....All of a sudden a switch has been flipped and the play has turned the Pats way (to a point).

....34-33 shots after 3. Heading to overtime.
on February 18, 2011 by Kevin Shaw |