Pats savour upset win/Hewitt quotes

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The Regina Pats were still all smiles a day after their 4-3 win over the league-leading Saskatoon Blades on Wednesday.
“As a hockey player that’s why you want to play the game,” said captain Garrett Mitchell, who scored once in regulation and added the game-winner in the shootout. “That’s kind of the marquee team in the Western Hockey League right now, especially in our conference. We showed some incredible desperation. We went down shorthanded in overtime and we played that to go into the shootout and it was a great feeling to come away with it. You look back on the first period, we were up two, obviously they’re going to push back. I thought we bent but we didn’t break. It was an awesome effort.”

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Hewitt speaks
Here’s what Regina Pats goalie Matt Hewitt had to say a day after his heroic 59-save effort in Wednesday’s 4-3 win over the Saskatoon Blades . . .
On how he’s feeling: “I’m a little bit sore after a game like that. I just passed out on my bed last night. I have to say sleeping was really easy. It was a great memory I'll keep forever, but it’s pretty tiring.”
On being in the zone: “I think every player has their own mental zone. Every game you try to find it. That’s the hardest part mentally when you’re getting 62 shots in a game, you have to stick in that zone every single shot.”
On the Blades' barrage: “To be honest I don’t think I’ve had a game where I had to face 62 shots (even in minor hockey). Not even really coming close. Usually I average 30 or 40 shots. A game like that, it’s pretty intense. It’s a lot different for me coming into this league and facing that many shots. It’s quite a workout.”

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