Pats @ Rebels

I was out last night and listened to as much of the game as I could and it sounded like a pretty decent game other than the Power Play situations. Red Deer had a 5on3 and a 4on3 for extended periods of time.

Sounded like Matt Hewitt had a great game stopping 40 of 41 in regulation and only allowing 1 goal in 10 tries in the shoouout. He didn't even get first star.... really?

I wonder how badly Rieder got his bell rung? It didn't sound good when he was being helped off the ice.

I unfortunately didn't catch the name of the colour commemtator last night but man it was nice to hear a two man team on the radio. I mean this as no slight to Dan (getting better each game) but having someone for him to talk to from a neutral-ish standpoint was nice.

Call of the night....
Dan: "That was a BAD call!"
Colour guy: "Okay Dan, tell us how you really feel."

I got a chuckle out of that one.

10 rounds in the shootout is insane.... After Weal and Reddin shot I was wondering who would shoot next... I got my answer.... Bell.... and it went on with each choice until Neigum ended it. A friend of mine said Neigum was going to score the winner.... hey, they were right.

That's it for now.


Edit: One thing that I forgot to mention about the game.... During the third period I wasn't sure who was actualy playing goal for the Pats. One shot it was Hewitt... next save was Ketlo... then it wasw Hewitt... this happened a few times. I guess that's the trouble having two different netminders playing regularly. Sorry Dan.... I found it funny.
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