Live Blog: Pats v Blades Jan. 12, 2011: Overtime

....Up next.

First group:
Weal Mitchell Blidstrand Bidlevskii
Tentative shift not much going on.

Neigum Weal Bell Davidson
In our zone mostly but work the puck to get a faceoff in the Blade zone.

Scheidl Olstad Davidson Bell
Not much again. Both teams look to be playing for the tie...

Neigum Reddin Blidstrand Bidlevskii
Neigum CRANKS Zahn and gets called for a double minor for checking from behind.... 2:44 left...

I think it's over... I hope not!

Blades crash the net and Hewitt went down. Mayer comes out and checks on Hewitt I guess he's good....


62-32 Blades!
on January 12, 2011 by Kevin Shaw |