Live blog: Pats & Tigers Jan 25th First Period

....Hewitt vs. Bunz. The battle of 30's.

....Chris Crich and Nathan "18" Wieler are the referees.

....I know it's pretty early to say this but I'm not thinking that there will be a big crowd.

....Televised games.... blah.... 7:08 and the puck has yet to drop.

....Game On!

....4:31 Tigers take advantage of a defensive lapse and Hamilton uses his speed and gets the initial shot on net which Hewitt makes a good save and Pitlick pots the rebound. Carr gets the 2nd assist. 1-0 Tigers.

.... 4:53 Hamilton gets a holding the stick penalty taht puts the Pats on the powerplay.

....8:24 Bidlevskii blasts Pitlick with a clean hit and breaks his stick. He goes back to the Pats bench to grab a new piece of lumber and Cole Grbavac jumps Bidlevskii and fisticuffs ensue. A great tilt! Lots of great shots I will call it a draw.

....Pats get their second powerplay on a high sticking call to Vey at 8:42.

....12:02 Rieder takes a kneeing call giving the Tigers a powerplay.

....13:31 Tochkin takes a double minor for highsticking giving the Pats a powerplay in 30 seconds. 3 and a half minute powerplay for the Pats.

....First period ends 1-0 Tigers. Pats leading the shot race 14-8.
on January 25, 2011 by Kevin Shaw |