Event #1 - Fastest Skater

Fastest Skater (complete one lap):
White: Stevenson 15.73 seconds
Blue: Reddin 13.80 seconds
White: Schneider 14.25 seconds
Blue: Ouellette 14.39 seconds
White: Jung 13.80 seconds
Blue: Olstad 14.09 seconds
White: Weal 14.26 seconds
Blue: Scheidl 14.55 seconds

White: Pedersen 19.63 seconds
Blue: Hodges 18:22 seconds
White: Jones 15:58 seconds
Blue: Meyers 17.42 seconds

White: #19 Jaxon Blaus 18.68 seconds
Dark: #12 Jayden Simpkins 18.01 seconds
White: #6 Dylan Ford 19.27 seconds
Dark: #10 Kyle Borsa 21.13 Seconds

Final Races (head to head - untimed)
Reddin vs. Jung
Reddin wins by a ‘hair’ (very close race!!)

Jones vs. Meyers
Jones wins easily.

Jaxon Blaus vs Jayden Simpkins
Simpkins wins a very good race between the two youngsters.

Note: At times it was hard to hear Ballsy and Toffan so I might not have the correct times (especially the .?? part of the times) and it was hard to see the timer from where I was sitting.
on January 17, 2011 by Kevin Shaw |