Pats 6 v Raiders 4 thoughts

Some quick thoughts....

..... Matt Hewitt is a pretty decent netminder.... just needs to stay calm and keep doing what he's doing. I just wish he was 3 inches taller. Well deserving of the star honour last night.

..... Shayne Neigum looks like a mini-tank on the ice. I didn't look it up but I think he may have had a career game with 2 goals and an assist. Seems to hit like a ton of bricks. He reminds me a bit of Curtis Austring with a bit more bite.

..... Tanner Olstad is tiny! He honestly reminds me of Todd Davison in pretty much all facets I saw last night. He's gonna be a gooder for the Pats.

..... Nils Moser is a pretty big kid. Not huge but big and when he hits he looks as though he hits hard. He's not super fast but hits and hits and hits.

..... I can honestly say that no one had a "bad" game last night. Some guys just seemed to have a bad shift or two.

..... Blidstrand has been getting better game by game..... I just wish he wouldn't cough the puck up like he does. When he coughs the puck up it's usually in the net. He's getting better.

..... Bell had a good game.... but I have noticed one thing that really bothers me.... he seems to pinch and get caught up ice a lot. I know he's 17 and he's still learning and will get better and better.

..... The rest of the D played really well. Of the 4 goals that were allowed..... Hewitt would love to have one back (bad 5-hole goal) and PA's 4th goal was a beauty with the goalie pulled.

...... I really wish that the Pats would keep the lines together for more than a shift or 3. But I guess with all the changes chemistry needs to be found.

...... Stephenson needs more ice. Weal keep doing what you're doing. Reddin keep being fast creates a lot of open ice for your line mates. Rieder is becoming a fore checking machine. Jung is an impressive defensive player that put with the right players will become a top end two-way forward.

...... Is Muench in the ‘doghouse’? He has been a healthy scratch more often than not recently. How soon until he is done?

...... Is it worth keeping an import in Roznik to be a healthy scratch? He’s pretty talented but just doesn’t seem to have grasped the WHL game yet. I think he’s worth keeping but I don’t know if there is enough spots for him to get proper ice time.

That’s it for now.

I’m going to listen to the game tonight.