Pata/Warriors end 2

Our defence or lack thereof strikes again.... A save that Ketlo could have had (five hole). Terrible D strikes again.... Oy. Edwards gets the third (his second of the game) Warrior goal. Three goals on ten shots.

Warriors make it 4-1 terrible.... Terrible..... Terrible. A scramble in front of a sprawling Ketlo ends up in the net. Four goals on 13 shots and Hewitt is in 3:29 into the second..... Wait a second the goal is under review..... Good goal by Wyton. 4-1. Shots 20-13 Pats.

Pats make it a two goal game... I'm not totally sure how the puck crossed the line as the puck ended up in the air and somehow bounced past Heemskerk.... Frazee gets credit... 29-19 shots for the Pats. 4-2 Warriors

Pats get a "mystery" penalty shot.... No clue as to why and Jordan Weal makes the Warriors pay. 4-3... 18:42 left.

As I was typing that last line... I missed the Warriors take back the two goal lead. Honejsek unassisted. 19:02 into the second.

5-3 end of two. 34-20 shots for the Pats.

Yikes.... Crazy.

Lots of game left yet.... Hopefully it can turn around.

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on December 03, 2010 by Kevin Shaw |