Pats at Rockets thoughts

..... I decided not to watch the WHL Live broadcast and listened to the radio. If I want I can go back and watch the archive of the game but I don't think I will.

..... I had a bad feeling about this game..... The swing is almost over and this is usually when the Pats seem to have been worn out.

..... I'm thinking that the Pats will have to add a body or two soon. Both Muench and Stevenson missed the game due to injuries. The Pats dressed what they have (minus the 15 year olds that were/are practicing with them). Other guys have got to be getting nicked up it would be nice to have a couple of spare players to use.

...... Damien Ketlo should sue for lack of support (not goals.... but defensive support). Man over the last while I feel sorry for him facing at least 30+ shots a game every game. The odd man rushes that the Pats allow is unbelievable. It seems to me that numerous d-men (veterans and rookies) are either caught pinching or trying for the hit instead of taking playing the position. Case in point Ricard Blidstrand who is now -19 in just 25 games.

...... Carter Ashton is playing awesome lately and is finally showing that he can and will be a force at this level and is improving his value each game he plays. I'm sure Hockey Canada is going to be giving him a long look in December.

...... Jordan Weal has been playing like a beast and is as good without you-know-who than with him. His point totals might be taking a hit but he's only getting better.

...... I'm not sure why we have an Import playing on the '4th' line.... this makes no sense.

...... The Pats say they are trying to build chemistry with their lines. I don't know how this is possible when they are constantly changing. Chandler Stephenson was playing great with Reddin and Frazee and seemed to have something really good there...... out of nowhere Stephenson is back on the so called 'kid line' makes no sense. Put them back together. I guess the problem with that would be having to find a winger for the Ashton-Weal combo.

...... My comments in an earlier post were not meant to slight Dan Plaster as I think he's done a pretty good job all things considered. I don't think he's ever done play-by-play on a full time basis before so I think his game vocabulary is a lot smaller that someone like Rod Pedersen who has been doing play-by-play for a long time. Maybe he just needs to find his groove and tell us when someone scores….. At times I wonder if he is just too busy watching the play and doesn’t know how to elaborate what is going on. There have been times that I’m not sure that someone has scored until the goal horn goes. Dan will get better.

…… I’m sorry but some of these “Ask the Broadcaster” questions are questionable. I don’t hear the home game questions but some of the ones asked are lame. Like “Ronaldo” wanting to know how many imports are teams allowed to carry…. Yikes. I guess for new fans that is something that would be interesting to know but even now it’s 20+ games into the season most people should know this. I guess I shouldn’t complain as I have never sent in a question. Maybe I should start?

on November 25, 2010 by Kevin Shaw |