I'm back

Well I guess I have some explaining to do as to why I’ve taken a ‘leave’ from The Blueliner... To be honest I really don’t have an answer to that. But I’m back now.

I’ve been a Pats fan literally my whole life; I’ve been a season ticket holder since I was 9 months old so ya I’m a lifer. Believe it or not I’m a die hard.... call me crazy (a few of my close friends have even called me crazy) but I have lost sleep over a Pats loss on more than one occasion and that’s not even in the playoffs (when they make it).

I have been at a loss for words these last few games. One game the team looks like it can be a legit contender and can skate with the likes of the Winterhawks and the Blades. Then they lay an egg against the Chiefs and play like junk on numerous other occasions.

I remember hearing (during a Pats radio broadcast) that the team has lost 7 (now 8 I think) games when leading after 2 periods!! How is that possible? I can’t explain. Can someone else?

I also remember hearing/reading but I’m not sure where but someone in the Pats brass said that if the team had won a few of the close games they would be battling for second (or something along those lines). Well DUH! Wouldn’t everyone be battling for position if they won their close games? Yikes. I guess I’m bitter..... don’t mind me.

Is it just me or does each post game show (on the radio) sound eerily similar? Win or lose Plaster could play previous games comments and they could almost fit for almost every game.

I’m glad that the Pats resolved their goalie situation. Ketlo has been stellar this year (except for a couple of outings that he couldn’t stop a beach ball but all Pats goalies have had those games this year). He’s made some unbelievable saves and kept the team in many a game. Hewitt is definitely a capable goalie as a backup. His only fault is that he’s small and gets beat high.

I will have more to say later.

on November 23, 2010 by Kevin Shaw |