Short and quick post tonight

Well I have to give the Pats (most of them at least) some props from the game last night.

Damien Ketlo probably had one of his best games as a Pat last night. I'm thinking that he's either secured a spot as the starter or the Pats are trying to showcase him.... time will tell.

What's up with Dawson Guhle? Has he fallen out of grace with the Pats? Not even the back-up anymore? I hope they get the goalie situation figured out soon.

I think that Blidstrand has played his way out of the top 4 on the Pats back end (-11 in 10 games.... I'm sorry.... it's terrible). Bell, Davidson and Schneider are the top 3..... Pavkovich who was playing great last night got the nod over Sparrow, Blidstrand and Spooner in the third period (Spooner played some). Pavkovich is a shut down d just like the Pats were wanting.

I feel sorry for Thomas Frazee.... man o man no luck last night at all. Could have easily had 4 goals.

Weal as well just couldn't get it going.... so close but yet so far away.

I have to give Hunt some credit last night for playing the forwards all through the game (save for Sagen). The team needs to play as a team not not be carried by 1 or 2 players.

Carter Ashton to me is an anomaly.... He's such a good hockey player but for some reason just doesn't seem to have "it" this year. The guy could be a killer power forward in the league but I can't put my finger on it.... maybe it's the system? I dunno.

That's it for tonight.

I'm looking forward to seeing Art Bidlevskii in the lineup this weekend (I hope).

on October 21, 2010 by Kevin Shaw |