Notes (Early)

....Man it sounds weird having 'The Hedgehog' Chad Jeremy doing the public address announcing.

....After having some technical difficulties last game it looks like they were able to get the video screen working.... Now will the mic work for the anthem singer? Mic worked.... Yay.

....Man it's cold in the rink tonight.... Great night to wear shorts.... Haha.

....Starters for the Pats Ketlo, Davidson, Pavkovich, Reddin, Ouellette and Mitchell.

....Referees are Knorr and Wieler and on the lines Kuffner and Nernberg.

.... D pairings switched up... I guess I can't go by warm-ups. 5-6 and 44-3 are the early pairings.

....Man I never realized how hard it is to type on a BlackBerry with big thumbs.

More to come in a bit.
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on October 22, 2010 by Kevin Shaw |