I just noticed....

That I never posted my thoughts from the Pats/Blades game and I have now moved on.

A quick couple of thoughts...
..... Damien Ketlo is playing like a top tier goalie.... hopefully he keeps it up.

..... Jordan Weal is legit. 22 points in 14 games is pretty impresive.

..... Carter Ashton is finally playing as big as his frame. He has been great this year (has had some lapses) and is getting better.

..... I was surprised to see an AP in the lineup Brayden Serafini.... in his couple shifts he looked like he fit (where/when did we get this kid?).

..... Our defence has been playing amazing the last few games. Was the key Bidlevskii? Schneider? Both? everyone seems to be in sync now and it's nice to watch.

I will have some thoughts from the Pats/Chiefs game.... I wont forget this time.

on October 30, 2010 by Kevin Shaw |