Thoughts from Sunday's game

I totally forgot to post them yesterday so most of my thoughts have been mentioned throughout a couple of blog posts and a couple of articles elsewhere in the last couple of days. So my thoughts will be short.

Ketlo had a solid game. One goal was an unbelievable deflection byt Paul Ciarelli (sp?) that I can guarantee most of if not all WHL goalies would not have been able to stop. and another was a 2-on-0 breakaway on an errant pass by one of the Pats forwards (I think Frazee).

The forward units seemed to work well at times but no one seemed to know where the other ones were going to be. I think with Ouellette and Frazee playing their first games and not practicing with each other threw off the timing or whatever you want to call it. I see that they are playing around with the lines spreading out the size to 2 lines. Muench with Weal and Frazee as the top line. Ashton with Reddin and Hutt (Hutt and Ashton had some good chemistry in the late camp and early pre-season). The third line is apparently Gustafsson with Ouelette and Mitchell. And the fourth line could be a mish-mash of the remaining players. The lines are courtesy of Greg Harder on his Slap Shots blog).

Give it some time..... I don't think we need to press the........