This kinda bugs me....

Pats Must Play Team A Game: Coach

"When you look at our guys I think they have a real clear understanding that we're going to be a team that does everything by committee," he said. "Understanding that coming in makes for a tighter group and it makes for a group that's more apt to make our environment one of better accountability, one of better communication, one of better team in general."

Okay I normally don't comment excessively about too many things but man this article hit a nerve. While I agree with some of the things in the story but others really bug me.

Well the first thing I don't like is the title of the story.... Pats must play a team game.... Isn't hockey a team game? Weren't the 2009-10 Pats a team? From reading the article I wouldn't believe it. Just ask Kyle Mulder, Dominick Favreau, Craig Orfino, Travis Sparrow and Tyler Borstmayer (amongst others) who on occasions played as few as 1 or 2 shifts a game. How is that a team game? If you don't think a player is capable of pulling their weight why even dress them? It was agonizing sitting and watching players sit on the bench for periods at a time.

I totally understand how players are going to have to pick up the "slack" from the loss of Eberle et al. But most players will get more ice and more opportunities to shine as long as the coach doesn't shorten the bench to 2.5 lines and 4 defence every game. I guess time will tell.

That's all I'm going to say on that for tonight.