Saturday, August 28, 2010

Time for "Blue" Practice

Everything is running behind schedule due to the ice conditions. After they flooded the ice it was taking it's sweet time freezing so they needed to do a dry scrape.

A bunch of vets I recognize with a bunch I don't. The forwards are wearing blue and the defence are wearing the whites.

Vets in the group...
2. Carlson
3. Davidson
7. Borstmayer (yes he is wearing #7)
10. Mitchell
11. Parker
18. Hutt
21. Favreau
25. Ashton
27. Sparrow
31. Ketlo

First up on the practice was one-on-one strength battles.... there were a few beauties! Sparrow, Parker and #26 Blue were involved with some gooders.

Up next some skating and shooting drills (isn't that what practice is supposed to be about?).

If there is anything of interest in the next bit I will report back.