Rookie Game: Notes

Taking pictures and making notes and keeping the scoring summary was almost impossible so my game notes are going to be a bit brief.

I like this. This feels like hockey. There are people here and they have music during breaks.... I actually love this!

Red gets on the board first on a lucky bounce. Landon Peel fires a long shot from the slot and the puck sails up in the air and the goalie Wilderman doesn’t know where it is and Grey d-man Boyer bats the puck out of the air and somehow it manages to get past the goalie. First ends 1-0 Red.

1:57 into the 2nd 18 for Red TJ Reeve is Johnny-on-the-spot to give Red a 2-0 lead. Landon Peel fired a long slapper in on net and Reeve was there for the put in. Brett Harris also picks up an assist.

We have a tilt TJ Reeve and Tyler Boyer. Decent scrap with nothing big happening each may have landed a shot or two. It was over quick. I would give the decision to Reeve.

The second period ends with Red leading by 2.

The third starts off with a quick strike by Red. A costly mistake by a team Grey d-man.... springing Stephenson and Klimchuk on a 2-on-1. Stephenson to Kilmchuk = Money. 3-0 Red just 25 seconds into the third. 3-0 Red.

Time for Red to turn the puck over. Grey takes the puck in on a 3-on-1 and Grey’s Tyler Boyer scores 5 hole. Jacob Schofield gets the assist. 3-1 Red.

Klimchuk goes in on his off wing and fires home a rocket that goes off the crossbar and in. The goalie didn’t stand a chance. 4-1 Red.

Red wins 4-0.

Some pictures to follow shortly