Pats Camp Day 1

Pats camp is underway! AND the Co-Operators Centre has FREE WiFi! So I'm posting live.

First up it Pats rookie hopefuls Team Grey against Team Red. I have to say that I was hoping that with a change of GM that the camp might be a bit different.... I was wrong. I still have no clue as to who any of the kids are as there is no line-ups it's all by guessing and I think I have figured out five or six so I'm done my guessing game.

I do think most of the Pats bantam picks are wearing Pats gloves, pants and helmets as there are quite a few with donning the Pats gear.

Looks like it's going to be a 2 period showdown and after 1 it's team Grey holding a 2-0 lead. Scoring for Grey was #3 top shelf (may have been tipped in by #23, but it was a close call) and #15 on a squeaker that got through goalie #41's 5-hole.

Grey has made it 3-0 on a goal by #23 a shot that goalie #43 would love to have back. The seeing eye shot got through short side. Team Red made it 3-1 on a scramble in front (I missed who potted it). Red makes it a one goal game... I was fiddling around with my netbook and missed the goal scorer. Team Red pulls their goalie to try to get the equalizer but unfortunately run out of time. Final score 3-2 Grey.

I have taken a few pictures and will post them later (if they turn out).

on August 28, 2010 by Kevin Shaw |