Day 4: Vet Scrimmage

Officials for tonights scrimmage: Nathan Wieler (ref), Derek Nernberg (lines) and nameless stripes.

Both Vet goalies are starting this contest. Guhle for Team White and Ketlo for Team Blue.

Carter Ashton is out riding the bike along with Brandon Davidson and Killian Hutt is standing around chit chatting with the two.

22 Blue opens the scoring on a feed from behind the net and goes five-hole on Dawson Guhle. 1-0 Blue.

Fisticuffs! Bell vs. Stevenson. A few punches thrown, a few punches landed. I would give the W to Bell.

Jordan Weal steals a pass from one of Blue defencemen and scores a beauty out-waiting Ketlo and sliding one home.

The first period ends tied at 1.

25 Blue takes a feed from his RW and rips the puck high glove off the post and in to give Blue a 2-1 lead.

There must be some animosity between Garrett Mitchell and Cass Mappin..... Garrett chased Mappin around the defensive zone and hacked him trying to get him to fight. I have a picture of Mitchell nose to nose with Mappin along the boards I will post with other pictures later.

The second period ends 2-1 Blue.

3 White ties the game up at 2 on a long slap shot that changed directions in front of Burghardt and beats him high.

Tyler Parker gives Blue a 1 goal lead beating Hewitt on a rebound after a mad scramble just outside of the crease.

Mikael Jung seals the deal with an empty net goal tha deflects in off of Ricard Blidstrand.

Team Blue wins this one 4-2.
on August 31, 2010 by Kevin Shaw |