Day 2: Rookie Scrimmage

This is more like it! This feels more like a game and less like a scrimmage. Both teams are playing like it means something. There is some hitting, some good skating and good goaltending.

Team Red breaks the ice on a goal by #19. #18 takes the shot that is initially stopped by the goalie but the puck ends up coming loose and 19 jams it home. The first period ends with Red up 1-0.

Team Grey scores just over halfway through the 2nd period on a goal by #29 on a sweet feed by #15 who carried the puck behind the goal and was able to feed it out front to tie the game.

Team Red scores while I was typing the last goal but my buddy Dustin says that it was a nice individual effort by Red #20 to get team Red their one goal lead back.

We almost had our first tilt amongst the rookies. #20 Red hit a Grey d-man from behind-ish and the d-man got up and wanted to go but Red was unwilling.

The second period ends with Red leading 2-1.

As I was busy chit-chatting with my fellow fans Red scored to make it 3-1. #19 brought the puck out of the corner took the shot which was initially stopped and grabbed his own rebound and deposited the puck (or at least what I was told).

The third period got a little rough and almost had fisticuffs but the officials stepped in.... not that the fights would have been fair (one would have been a total size mismatch 6-4 vs. 5-7 max).

No more goals were scored making the final 3-1 for team Red.

Up next is a veteran scrimmage.