Day 2: Randomness

I'm thinking that there have been a few cuts (quite a few actually). Both rookie teams Red/Grey seemed to have full teams.... I think they merged 3 teams into 2. The schedule had scrimmage from 9-10am but it went until almost 10:45. So the schedule is now up in the air as far as I'm concerned. The ice has been flooded and now I'm assuming that it is still White practice....

Random player notes from a day and a bit.... I'm not going to cut anyone down because it's way too early to do that....

Jordan Weal - Still amazing. Need I say more?
Ricard Blidstrand - I think he's going to be a good pick-up. He can skate, has decent speed and has a really heavy shot
Cass Mappin - looking to scrap most of the first scrimmage and didn't do too much else
Devon Balness - Has shown that he has played in the Dub and is pretty good
Hampus Gustafsson - if he can hit the net on a consistent basis he could easily score 30
Mikael Jung - speed.... speed.... did I mention speed?
Mitch Spooner - has impressed me with his offensive knack
Dyson Stevenson - hard hitter
Andrew Rieder - has shown a nose for the net and willingness to battle.... looks like he might have bulked up a bit
Dawson Guhle - same old, same old... not bad but not spectacular either but it is early
Damien Ketlo - see Dawson Guhle
Matt Hewitt - has looked really sharp so far.... could be a legit contender for a spot.... returnees better be looking over their shoulder
Dominick Favreau - looks a bit bigger this year.... does that translate into a spot?
Tyler Parker - still crashing and banging....
Killian Hutt - hasn't changed.... small and wide but has amazing offensive skill
Garrett Mitchell - hasn't changed much.... still goes hard....
Carter Ashton - I think he may have been nicked up during practice as he rode the bike during the scrimmage last night
Travis Sparrow - hasn't improved over last year.... as a 19 year old he might be in tough
Tyler Borstmayer - still the same lanky awkwardness.... I think he will be top end good one day.... not just yet
Cody Carlson - can shoot the cross stitch pattern off the puck but looked to go down with an injury late last night.... hopefully nothing serious
Brandon Davidson - still steady.... I think he gets better each time I see him
Myles Bell - looks like he gained some bulk but there is an injury concern that is not serious

I know I missed a bunch but those are just some random thoughts.