Pats Import situation

Alan Caldwell over at Small Thoughts at Large has thoughts on all the Import situations for all the clubs in the Dub You can read that here. But I wanted to point out what he has to say about the Pats situation.


Current imports: F Hampus Gustafsson (19), F Tomas Hricina (20)
Gustafsson is a keeper, he should only be better with a 2nd year. Hricina is probably gone since he was pretty average and not worth an overage spot. Problem for the Pats is that they have no first round import pick, they traded it to Vancouver in the Cass Mappin trade. So they either trade for a pick, or they wait until the 2nd round and get whatever's left there. Or they could trade for an existing import off somebody's roster.....

I would have to totally agree with Alan on this one. I was led to believe that Hricina was no longer on our list (I think he left and went home with a few games left in the season) but I guess I was mistaken he is still listed. Seeing that he is an overage import the Pats can still pick up another import (I'm guessing that Hricina will be let go post haste). I think this could be where Chad Lang starts to make his mark with the Import Draft. Maybe he will be able to move up or maybe he can find a gem later on (or via trade). I do hope once Chad gets his team together that he keeps them together instead of ditching half the guys during the season.... The team needs some sort of stability.

on June 01, 2010 by Kevin Shaw |