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Looking Ahead: Goalies

The Pats have the returning duo of Damien Ketlo and Dawson Guhle and I'm not totally convinced that either is a true starter. This is not a knock to either goalie but after last season where both went down with injuries and Guhle getting thrown into the fire I don't know if wither one could start 50 games. Both are decently talented but both have their flaws.... taking that into consideration they are both a year older (more seasoned) they both should be on their way to improving. The question is.... Will one step up and take the starters' job or will it be another one of "those" years. I really have no preference as to the starter but I hope that they stay healthy and help get the Pats woeful GAA down to a respectful level. One more thing.... I think that Lang could move one or the other to try to get a decent prospect/pick to help re-build our depth or a saavy veteran (hopefully someone that might be around for a couple of seasons).

I was sorta disappointed to not see Brent Martyniuk on the Pats list. I really hoped that they would give him a chance, but I guess it's not happening. he showed signs of being a really good tender but just needed some seasoning (and to grow 3-4 inches). He really reminded me of Chad Mercier between the pipes.

Now on to the rest of our listed goalies (the stats are from what I can find, they may be incomplete as some leagues aren't keen on publishing their respective stats):

Cory Nygaard '93 (6th round pick, 127th overall in 2008)
Winnipeg Wild (MMHL)
Had a 22-2-1 record with 2 shutouts and a 2.42GAA.
>He's 17 and has dressed for a game (or 2) so the Pats shouldn't have worries about him going the NCAA route. If he comes into camp and has improved on last camp (he was pretty decent) he might just make the team as a 17 year old. The only way that happens is if Ketlo or Guhle get moved. I just hope that there isn't any goalie controversies under Chad Lang's watch. Is he the heir apparent? I wonder.

Darrin Robinson '94 (10th round pick, 208th overall in 2009)
Colorado Rampage (USA Midget 1)
Played in 41 games collecting a 9-24-2 record with 1 shutout and a 3.79GAA and an .908SV%.
>I don't know too much about the US Midget program(s) but the team that Robinson played for had a terrible record (as you can tell by his). I'm not going to even critique him with those numbers. Like I said I don't know much about US minor hockey. On the Saturday of spring rookie camp.... he looked like he hadn't played goal in a few weeks and looked rusty. Other than that he is an American and may go the USHL/NCAA route but who knows.

Tanner Burgardt '95 (6th round pick, 115th overall in 2010)
West Centre G’Macs Klippers (Centre 4 Hockey League)
Had a 12-11-1 record with 2 shutouts, a 4.04 GAA.
>Isn't eligible to play full time for the Pats until the 2011-12 season. As pointed out by a commenter (or is it commentor?) Burgardt wasn't at Spring camp so I have nothing to say on him as I have yet to see him play.

That's it.... that is the Pats five goalies. I hope everything makes sense. I would have to say going into the season that this would be the teams' depth chart as well.

Ketlo (1991)
Guhle (1992)
Nygaard (1993)
Robinson (1994)
Burgardt (1995)

I hadn't originally planned on putting this much thought into this list but after I got an anonymous comment about not getting things posted when I said I would. I was working on this as I got that comment.... I had lost some stats so I got behind in my original plan. I do promise to get the defencemen up on Friday and depending if I have time (no more Stanley Cup to watch so I will probably have lots of time) I will complete the forwards as well.


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