Pats Spring Camp Thoughts

Some quick thoughts......

I was only able to make it to the Saturday edition of the camp so I can't really say too much from the drills the players did. Off topic a bit.... the Co-Operators Centre is a pretty nice facility and it was really cool to see the ice and boards without ads plastered all over them.

It was nice to actually go to a camp and know who the kids are. They all had NAME BARS! I was impressed.

Both goalies in attendance looked like they hadn't played hockey in the last month so I can't really comment on their performance.

Stephenson looks ready to step in. Peel seems to have gained some quickness and looked decent on the back-end. List player AJ Fossen looks like he could be the real deal showed some real skill. 2010 first rounder Klimchuk looks to have the capabilities and skill to be a legit sniper and is super quick! Burroughs seems like a very capable player in the defensive zone and doesn't seem to shy away from the physical contact. Sagen looked like the biggest prospect amongst the forwards (he's not even that big) and against the kids he seemed to be able to push his way to the net with ease. Sorry I don't have more thoughts but I was trying to concentrate on a short list.

A general comment about the prospects is that they all seem small (or are small). Jordan Eberle was taller than most of them. McLean is tiny.... close to a foot shorter than Borstmayer.... and really reminds me of Todd "Itty Bitty" Davison.

I didn't get to see Harris, DeJong or Baskerville as they weren't dressed but it appeared that there was 2 players sitting on the bench watching the drills.

That's about it.

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