Pats @ Wheats

Well folks, this is almost it. Still have HUGE hopes but oy.... it might just be too late.

Scratches are Parker, Mulder, Hricina and Sparrow. I don't really know where to start with this.... why oh why is Mulder not playing? or Hricina?

Mitchell is playing centre? First time in his career. It might just work out. Bell playing wing? Why not leave him on the D and let him develop? I scratch my head some times but I guess that's why I'm a fan.
I've given up on my WHL WebTV as it just didn't interest me. I had paid for the whole season and just had no interest. Listening to Pedersen and Plaster is way more fun. I don't know how accurate they are in their p-b-p but they are a hilarious tandem. Keep up the good work Rod and Dan.

As ever.... GO PATS GO!!!

on February 19, 2010 by Kevin Shaw |