Saturday, February 06, 2010

Pats v. Ice after 2

Ice make it 2-0 on a terrible turnover. Sylvester steals the biscuit and and goes in on a two on oh and deposits the puck to the back of the net five hole on Ketlo.

Pats get back in it on a goal by Ashton. The Pats were working the puck around the offensive zone and what looked to be a broken play the puck ended up on the stick of Ashton who out waits (is that a term?) Mathews. Gustafsson and Bell get the apples. 2-1 Ice.

The Pats fourth line gets into the action. Working hard on a shift in the Ice zone the Pats get rhe puck to the net and Rieder pots his second of the season. Hricina and Spooner assist. 2-2.

Bad luck leads to the Ice scoring their third goal. The ice are working the puck win the Pats zone to the left of Ketlo and the puck pops out in front to a wide open Ismond who beats Ketlo high blocker side. 3-2 Ice.

Shots 14-9 for the Pats. 19-18 total for the Pats.

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