Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pats v. Broncos (Jan. 22) Thoughts

Well I know it's a bit late but had things to do today but here goes nothing. So I'll keep it short.

First thing.... What is up with the stupid person (people) throwing the plastic rats on the ice during the anthem? People grow up.... it was a dumb thing to do. Some people.

Okay on to the game.... I’m not going to pick on any players in specific as I don’t think it would do me any good to “trash” and “bash” a player.

I dunno what is up with the Pats D-zone coverage the last little while... on 3 or 4 of the goals Swift had players behind our defencemen. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of back checking from the forwards or what has happened but if they could correct that the GA would be waaaaay less. I know people are going to say that there were rebounds there but the Pats had no one to clear them out.

I really liked the physicality in the first period but the officiating was a real question through 20 minutes. It seemed as though each ref wanted to out call the other one. Then almost out of nowhere there was hardly any calls and I loved it.... let the players decide the outcome.

I know I’m kind of rambling a bit here but oh well. I wish I knew what Hunt’s “motive” is to play 3 lines for almost half a game. There might be more to it than we as fans see but I don’t think Hricina and Mulder had that bad of games but I’m not the coach (thankfully).

I’m going to give Hunt some credit though switching up the lines. Listening to the post game show I may not have heard right but I think Al Dumba said that Hunt benched Ashton for some shifts. I can’t say as to if he was actually benched or not but I like him on the line with Leffler and Orfino. Ashton NEEDS to SHOOT more.

Gustafsson playing with the Jordan’s in my opinion is a darn good line. But in all honesty most players would look decent with the Jordan’s. Time will tell though I guess.

I’m honestly thinking that the Pats are becoming more like the Cardiac Kids with each game. These shoot outs are hard on the ticker. I’m glad they pulled out the W. Gotta keep it going!

Colten Teubert is really starting to show why he’s got the C stitched on his jersey. I don’t know if it’s just me but he seems waaaaaaay more focused and I think people need to leave him alone. He deserved the Hardest Working Pat.

Cass Mappin probably played his best game that I have seen him play in a Pats jersey. I was worried when he got into the scrape with Verdino and got body slammed into the ice. He got up looking pretty wobbly on his skates. To my surprise he came back and was a physical presence.

I’ve read on a couple message boards (or comments I can’t remember where I read it) that Jordan Eberle didn’t have a good game. Do these homers not realize that Swift Current has a defenceman named Derek Claffey who seemed to be on the ice every time Eberle was out there and checked him really close. Eberle had a good game as did Claffey.... Is that possible? I think so.

Repeat: Carter Ashton NEEDS to SHOOT more.

That’s about it for this one.

I’m going to go listen to Rod and Dan call the rest of the 2nd and 3rd in Swift.