My Regina Pats All-Brent Parker Era Team

This was way harder than I thought it would be. 15 years is a long time to cover especially when there were a lot of player transactions in a few of the seasons. There were also a few lean years where the team never harldy ever scored. There are a couple of holdovers from the previous regime but had a couple of outstanding seasons donning the red, white and blue while under Parkers’ watch.

I know people will disagree with some of my picks and I will understand why..... This was hard to do.

So without further ado here is my picks:

Scoring Line 1:
Boyd Kane (lw) - Josh Holden (c) - Jordan Eberle (rw)

Scoring Line 2:
Kyle Calder (lw) - Brett Lysak (c) - Ronald Petrovicky (rw)

Checking Line (Energy Line):
Garth Murray (lw) - Rick Rypien (c) - Colton Orr (rw)

Fourth Line:
David Kaczowka (lw) - Todd Davison (c) - David McDonald (rw)

Top Pair:
Filip Novak - Derek Morris

Second Pair:
Brad Stuart - Logan Pyett

Shutdown Duo:
Barret Jackman - Colten Teubert

Josh Harding

Chad Davidson

I do have explanations (reasons why I picked the players I did) and they will follow soon (I have a few to write up yet and I will post them all at once)... As well as a few honourable mentions (I think I will add a few "Black Aces" too).