Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm working on my All-Brent Parker Era Pats team....

...and it's not as easy as I figured it would be. There have been a lot of players come and go and lots have made an impact whether it was good or bad.

Putting an all-star type team together would be easy (or at least easier) to accomplish. Picking a team with 2 "scoring" lines, a checking line and a 4th line (crash and banger, enforcer, etc.) is harder. There may be a few players that in many peoples' eyes shouldn't be anywhere near an all-time team but that's what I thought about the Montreal Canadiens' 100th anniversary team. So we'll see.

Starting goalie is a lock and starting right winger is also a lock but from there.... Anybody's guess. I'm trying to have some sort of criteria for a player... some players the Pats have acquired during the season and were lights out and only played half of a season so I will be weighing all of my options for my picks. It should bring on discussion (I hope).

I will have my team completed either tonight or early tomorrow (before the Clash game).

EDIT: I have come to a standstill on a few selections so I am going to go to the Trans-Canada Clash and watch the Alumni renew the rivalry then maybe late tonight or early tomorrow I will have the team posted.

Thanks for reading,