I think....

I'm going to not post my thoughts on the season for a bit (like I mentioned earlier in the week). I still need to think about a few things before postin them here.

I honestly thought that last night's game was going to be a barn burner and I was hoping that the Pats/Warrriors rivalry was going to be back in effect. The game lacked intensity and excitement like the good old days. Making things worse is the fact that the Pats have almost 50% new players since the beginning of the season so that could easily be killing off the rivalry. Man I miss those old days. I can honestly say I was disappointed in last nights game and I'm not totally sure why..... After the second period I was almost bored out of my mind..... that NEVER happens to me at any hockey game(s).

I really hope that they come out guns a-blazing tonight against the Tigers.... or let the trade speculation go through the roof. Be prepared Brent.... it's gonna be a hard next few hours.

I've been reading other blogs (especially their comments) and man oh man I really hope no players read them. I admit I have been critical of players but I have never downright said what some of these "fans" have posted they should be ashamed of themselves. I can't believe that people have the guts to post what they do. Oh the anonymity of the internet.... I  won't hide behind a username or as anonymous... man that bothers me.

I do have many more thoughts but I'm going to hold off on them for a while like I said in my first line but I'm going to stew about them for a while yet and when I feel the time is right I will post them.

As always..... GO PATS GO!!!

on January 09, 2010 by Kevin Shaw |