Monday, January 25, 2010

I don't know how many people still....

.... read my blog but I am still here.

I've been thinking of things to write about recently and have come up with a few ideas.

I got thinking of putting together a Regina Pats All-Time team kind of like the Montreal Canadiens did for their 100th Anniversary. I WILL do that in time. This just might be an All-Star team but I’m not sure how that will go yet.

With the All-Time team idea in mind I have decided to switch it up a bit and put together an All-Time Brent Parker Era team.

I know.... I know.... there are people that have issues with Brent.... Love him or hate him (I know what most people will say about this); he is the Pats GM and his family owns the Pats. By my calculations this is the 15th season the Parker’s have owned and ran the Pats so an All-Time Brent Parker Era team almost makes sense.

I’m actually going to use some of the Montreal Canadiens ideas and actually put a TEAM together I don’t want to make an all-star team. I will provide reasoning behind each selection. The team will consist of a starting goalie and a backup (an actual backup). Have 2 scoring lines (lw, c, rw) a checking line and a 4th line (basically a secondary checking line with one tough guy roaming the wing). It will also have 3 defensive pairs; 2 pairs to make the “top 4” and a third pair. I will also have a few “black aces” and I haven’t decided as to what I am going to do with these.... maybe honourable mentions in each position but I will decide soon. I will start posting my All-Time Brent Parker Era team later this week.

If anyone has any ideas as to who to have on the team feel free to comment or email me. There are a lot of players that could be included (and a few obvious ones, i.e. Jordan Eberle) but feel free to have a say.

Thanks for reading,