Pats @ Hitmen

I really had my doubts about this one all due to the previous few games. I hate to say it but I thought the boys were going to get shellacked (just because Calgary is darn good). I'm glad they came out and played and made a game of it.

I chose not to watch the game on the internet tonight just so I could listen to Rod Pedersen's play-by-play. I'm not really sure why he gets so much flack from fans around the WHL (some message board people are pretty much a joke, but that's another story for another day). I honestly have listened to most of the announcers and I would have to say Rod is easily one of the top guys out there. Each and every announcer puts his own spin on the events to make the game interesting and I think Rod is one of the best ones at it. Some guys are right to the facts.... point by point about what's happening and that gets booooooring..... after about 3 minutes. Even when the Pats are losing or havin an off night, he's interesting. The best times are when the fan comes out in him and sometimes I can't believe he says some things on the radio that he does but it's just enjoyable. Hey Rod.... Keep up the good work.

When I heard that Ketlo was out I got worried about the netminding situation. But Damien has been shaky at best over the last few games and I had a change of heart.... I honestly felt sorry for Guhle having to go into Calgary against one of the best teams in the East. I got thinking that it's now his chance to take the "ball and run" and I was actually hoping he would have a good showing. I admit that I have been somewhat critical of the Pats goaltending this year (maybe bitter over seeing my buddy get demoted then traded, another story for another day) and I still am not 100% comfortable with the teams situation. BUT with efforts like the one Guhle put forth tonight.... my criticism is slowly going away. I really hope he can keep it up for the rest of the season. GOOD JOB Dawson!

As I did listen to the game I never really paid much attention to individual efforts (other than Guhle in net) so I won't be commenting on any players' performance.

Officiating = BUNK! Enough said!

KS out
on December 18, 2009 by Kevin Shaw |