Pats Imports (Swedes and more)

While listening to the Pats broadcast last night an interesting topic came up regarding Swedish born Hampus Gustafsson.... Other than Niklas Barklund Rod or Dan couldn't think of any other Swedish players to wear a Pats sweater. It piqued my interest and did some digging. I have a complete player database with positions, listed playing heights/weights and hometowns/birthplaces for most of the Pats from 1966-now (and quite a few from the early days as well).... and found that they were right with Barklund and Gustafsson as being the only 2 Swedes that I can find that played for the Pats. With that being said I put a list of all imports that played a game for the modern Pats (1966-now). Here it is:

*Name, Hometown (years with the Pats)

Niklas Barklund, Jarfella (91-93)
Hampus Gustafsson, Malmo (09-10)

Jari Helle, Tampere (78-79 & 80-81)
Kimmo Lahtinen, Tampere (78-79)
Mikko Outinen, Kuuson Koski (89-91)
Niko Ovaska, Tampere (91-92)
Niko Snellman, Tampere (06-07)
Esa Tikkanen, Helsinki (81-82)

Czech Republic
Pavel Beranek, Pardubice (97-98)
Rudolf Cerveny, Budejovice (07-09)
Radek Duda, Prague (98-99)
Petr Dvorak, Roznov (02-03)
Petr Kalus, Ostrava (05-06)
Robin Kovar, Valasske (03-04)
Ivo Kratena, Prague (03-04)
Karel Mosovsky, Piesk (98-01)
Filip Novak, Budejovice (99-02)
Michal Poletin, Prague (09-10)
Matej Trojovsky, Pizen (01-03)
Jan Vasilev, Prague (94-95)
Kamil Vavra, Ohlumec (03-04)
Jan Zapletal, Brno (04-05)

Tomas Hricina, Kosice (08-10)
Ronald Petrovicky, Zlina (97-98)
Juraj Valach, Zvolen (07-08)

Kaspars Saulietis, Riga (06-07)

Dmitri Nabokov, Novobirsk (96-97)

Denis Tolpeko, Moscow (05-06)

Romeo Proseta, St. George (76-77)

Milan Dragicevic, Dakova (86-88)

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