My thoughts: Pats/Rebels

Another nice game for the Pats. Kinda started slow and Red Deer had taken the momentum even though they had just 5 shots in the first. The Pats tossed everything and the kitchen sink at Barnstable and couldn't dent the twine until Matt Delahey lifted a floater past the Rebel keeper with 18 seconds left in the first.

Jordan Weal put the Pats back up 1 with a PP goal 4:40 into the 2nd and the Pats seemed like they were coasting. The Rebels were able to respond on the PP on a goal by Kudrna (2nd of the game) who stuffed the shot under Guhle at the 7:02 mark of the 2nd. I was thinking that the Pats were in trouble but Brett Leffler ripped a screen shot past Barnstable to give the Pats the lead yet again less than 2 1/2 minutes after the Rebels tied it up. The Pats kept it coming and Matt Delahey sniped his second of the game on the PP to give the Pats a 4-2 lead going into the third.

The Pats potted 2 quick goals 1:36 and 1:54 into the third to take a commanding lead and never really looked back (Mulder and Poletin picking up the genos, respectively). Kudrna scored his 3rd of the game on another PP to pull the Rebs back to respectability. Graham Hood potted his first on a juicy rebound with just 15 seconds left in the game. Make the final 7-3 Pats.

A couple of quick thoughts about Red Deer. I was trying to pay close attention to Nugent-Hopkins and I wasn't disappointed but I wasn't overwhelmed by his presence. He's a pretty good hockey player but in my opinion just didn't have it tonight. I look forward to seeing him as the season goes on. To be honest I never really noticed Kudrna much at all until he scored on the PP (3 times). I never even noticed him. Where was Ferraro? I found it odd that he wasn't dressed. I really like the way Weller plays on D. He's a big body that can skate and hardly ever seems to get caught out of position.

 Now on to the Pats....

Guhle had another solid game for the team. I'm still not overly convinced that he is a great goalie but like everyone says he is very raw and has tons of potential.... still has a penchant for soft goals (see RD goal #2).

Davidson is getting better shift by shift. I know he's still a rookie but man o man he plays like a 3 or 4 year vet. Only going to get better.

Delahey probably had his best statistical game in his career and deserved it. He has been a stalwart on the Pats d since returning from Devils camp. I do also believe he will keep it up and have a great final year with the red, white and blue.

I really don't have anything bad to say about any players from tonight's game, I think for the most part they played a good solid team game.

I don't know what Jordan Eberle brought back to Regina with him but it is sure rubbing off on the rest of the team. The line of Leffler-Weal-Eberle has been dominant the last 3 games. Strueby, Metz, Hricina, Hood, Huttm et al. are all playing great. Mulder has seen so much ice time he is finally getting a chance to show why he is here and he has been dynamite this year.

Two fights by non-fighters tonight Brayden Metz dropped the mitts with a Rebel player who gave Strueby a hard hit along the wall (a little from behind but it wasn't too abd of a hit). He never threw any punches and I don't recall the Rebel player getting any shots in before they wrestles each other to the ground. Matt Strueby decided to drop the gloves and go at it with a Rebel in the middle of a scrum. I don't thin Matt got any shots in and the Rebel player landed a couple and Strueby's helmet came off and his head tucked inside his jersey and the Rebel got him with 2 or 3 good shots before the scrap was broken up.

On a side note.... I still don't understand why everything seems to be Teubert's fault. People.... get real. I've seen players making big mistakes this year that have led to goals against and I hear "Oh, c'mon Teubert" or "Teubert" "You suck Teubert" and a few others (not as bad as last year but it's already happening. I think I must be watching a different game on many of the cat-calls because in my opinion he has been pretty solid (he's made a couple of gaffe's but so has everyone else). I read a coment on another blog saying that his "yapping is costing he Pats" (something along those lines). I'm not 100% sure what the poster meant with that comment. He always seems to be talking to the officials or the opponents and I honestly think that many players and officials are somewhat intimidated by his presence.... He's such a wild card and probably as tough as most players in the WHL. Ummm.... ya..... anyone remember Barret Jackman? Ya I thought so. He was always talking to the officials and always seemed to be lipping off the opponents. Sound familiar? I think so. So people just lay off. I know a lot of people will disagree with me but that's what opinion is for and I'm sticking to mine.

Note: I'm in no way trying to compare Jackman to teubert skill wise but in their attitude on the ice (from my fan perspective) they are eerily similar.

Have a great Sunday everyone!