Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Greg Harder has some trade thoughts....

Check out his Slap Shots blog.

Here's an excerpt:
There’s every reason to think Carlson can take that challenge and run with it, especially if he's as talented as a lot of people seem to believe. With the Pats, he’ll be in an excellent position to succeed. There are a lot of offensive defencemen in the WHL who would give their left arm for a chance to play with Jordan Eberle and Jordan Weal on the power play and pair up with bruising blueliners like Colten Teubert and Matt Delahey.
It’ll be up to Carlson to take advantage.

Greg has an interesting perspective on the trade and the prospect of future wheeling and dealing.

I really like this trade. It gives the Pats a much needed veteran on the d. If he is the PP quarterback that everyone insists he is; he will be a huge asset for the club. He might be on the smallish side but from what I have read about him he will be a great addition.