Some thoughts

I've been too lazy to post my thoughts until now.... here are some thoughts from the last few games mish-mashed together.

From Sunday's game....
All I have to say is that I'm disappointed and I'm not 100% sure why. Sure they lost but that isn't it. I can't pinpoint it. Maybe it's the fact that the Pats dressed 9 defencemen! NINE! Count 'em NINE. I really can't ever recall seeing that anywhere. The Pats are lacking a true PP quarterback.... wait a minute we have one that is 16 and needs to get in there and learn..... Oh ya he was dressed as a winger and played on the top line and did a good job. but he's a DEFENCEMAN! I just don't get it.

Okay now I can understand the Pats wanting/needing some speed, but why dress 9 defencemen? If the forwards aren't going to cut it (due to speed or whatever), why are they still here? I want to answer but it is a bit early to really say anything.

Anyways I have a few thoughts about a bunch of players and I will go through them now....

Dawson Guhle.... I really don't have a good read on this kid yet. He has been stellar for much of his time but has a penchant for giving up a weak goal here or there (and everywhere. He will be a complete star in the net but then let in the weakest of goals (at least 1 or 2 per game so far). I'm sorry but I really hope Ketlo comes back soon.

Brandon Davidson.... is going to be a top defenceman for the Pats for the next couple of years. He's been really impressive and has been getting better each game.

Alex Pym.... has improved immensely this year. Lots of ice time and has finally reached into the top 4 on the depth chart.

Myles Bell.... Darn good 16 year old that is lost.... and it isn't his fault. He's a defenceman but playing wing. Put him back at the point.

Kyle Mulder..... finally got to play and has fit right in on the checking line. Probably has more ice time this year than all of last season.

Jordan Weal.... Has been great. Just needs to get some help in the offensive zone.... He's going to put up some great numbers.

Colten Teubert.... Has been fine. I honestly can't believe some people.... the play has nothing to do with him (just happens to be on the ice) and they scream and holler at him. I think with him on the ice the rest of the players play like they are 6 inches taller than they are.

Dominick Favreau.... For a first round pick he just hasn't panned out the way most people had predicted. I don't know if/when he will be a scorer. As a checker he's doing good.

Tomas Hricina.... I expected more from him..... maybe my expectations were too high. He's had some numbers so far.... but has looked lost at times.

Travis Sparrow.... I'm not really sure what the team sees in him but I'm sorry I just don't think he's that good. Maybe as a 7th d-man but not as a top 6'er.

Graham Hood..... Hasn't improved much from last year. Big and really slow (skating just doesn't seem there). With the amount of speed in the league he just can't keep up.

Michal Poletin..... Has good size and decent speed for a guy of his size but doesn't seem to fit into Hunt's style. I don't know if he ever will. Will see.

That's all for tonight.