Pats unveil RBK Edge jerseys

For pictures check out Rod Pedersen's blog.

For a look at all of the WHL jersey's check out

Edit: I don't know how closely anyone has looked at the jerseys.... But if you notice the shoulder patches (you can kind of make them out on the pictures that Rod posted) each jersey has different patches. The "home" blue jersey appears to have the P.P.C.L.I patches on both shoulders and the "away" white jersey has the bulldog head patch that has been around for a few seasons.

Now I'm curious about the socks (hopefully normal type striping) and the jersey fonts (I'm hoping they drop the italic style numbers for the old-school block jersey numbers that a lot of teams have). Edit (2): The Pats have pictures up and it looks like the jersey numbers will indeed be the block style red with white trim on the blue uniform and blue with red trim on the white uniform. And the socks look "normal" with no crazy patterns or anything crazy on them.

on September 09, 2009 by Kevin Shaw |